Sunrise Family Resort


Easter 2015

Thanks to volunteers, there were over 600 eggs  hidden this year for the SFR Easter egg hunt giving youth the pleasure of lugging around over-filled Easter baskets. In addition to eggs there were plastic bunny-shaped containers with bubbles to be blown. Volunteers were exceptionally crafty this year with Easter-themed snacks that were creative to look out but too delicious to stick around for long!


If one needed an example of how family-oriented the youth become in this community, Easter is always a reminder. Youth who found several prize eggs were quick to ask if any one had not found a prize egg and offering to share an extra or two they had. You just don't see that much without adult prompting.

unique and fun snacks were made by volunteers
youth enjoyed the fun snacks made by volunteers
baskets came with more than just eggs youth gathered
getting tables ready for the arrival of community guests
prize eggs give youth choices of lots of cool items
kids enjoy snacks while volunteers hide eggs at the park
people starting to arrive at the SFR Easter event
excited sisters wait for the call to hunt for eggs
The big field at the SFR park gives lots of room to hide and hunt for eggs
Youth try to get hints from one of our valued volunteers
We drove the groundskeeper crazy asking him not to cut grass until after the hunt!
egg hunters are hard at work
Eggs hunters came in all sizes
At SFR it's all about having fun
Kids blowing bubbles from the "bubble bunnies" hidden with the Easter eggs
choosing prizes is a hard task for youth
Everyone had at least one prize egg
Thanks to community volunteers there was a huge selections of prizes to chose from
Showing off the prize won
waiting for next prize number to be called
anxious to grab a prize
the prize he patiently waited for was still available when his number was called
happy with her selected prize
This little guy went straighted for the lighted sword
Ready to scoop up a prize
our pool tqble doubles as a prize table at Easter
One of our younger egg hunters is enthralled with the prize selection
Prize selection is faster for some than others

Past Community Events

First Annual Easter Egg Hunt

On March 27, Easter came early for an estimated 40 children who lived at,
or were guests of, Sunrise Family Resort outside of Kingston.

The event started with cupcake decorating, sponsored by Kristi Hulbert.
"I hope they enjoy decorating as much as they seem to enjoy watching me,"
Hulbert said as she laid out the cupcakes and decorations and mixed her
colored frostings. While young children were concentrating on decorating the
"best cupcake ever," older children and adults took to the playground field to
hide hundreds of eggs donated for the event.

Age groups were assigned group leaders, and while the youngest children
started first, the two older age groups scanned the field to find where they wanted
to go first. Laughter and shouts ran out as the second group received the word "go"
soon followed by the last group. Once all the eggs were gathered, everyone returned
to the community center so children could count their eggs.

Trophies were awarded to the children who received the most eggs in each age group.
Winners were Court Miller and Charlie Irby of Kingston and Jaton Lytle of Ardmore.
A special trophy was also awarded to the youngest egg hunter, Stephanie Miller of
Kingston. Prize egg winners included JJ Page, Jarret Blakemore, Bryson Sims, Alexxis
Greer, Blaze Cryer, Gabe Gentry, Gracee Obrero, Jenny Miller, Cheyenne Greer, Jesse
Cryer, and Melanie Gentry.

Adults tried to keep children from eating the tempting treats inside the plastic eggs as
food was laid and prepared for serving as the final stage of the Easter celebration. The
potluck feast included chicken, chili, pizza, potato and macaroni salads, ribs, baked ham,
baked beans, spaghetti, potatoes, fries, rice, rolls, and a variety of other foods to choose
from. Desert was an array of cakes, including a chocolate bunny cake.

The community center was standing room only as people ate and visited with old friends
and met new ones. Those who planned and attended the event said the Sunrise Family
Resort's First Annual Easter Egg Hunt was a huge success.

Egg Hunters
Decorating Cupcakes
Decorating Cupcakes
Decorating Cupcakes
Decorating Cupcakes
The Hunt Is On
Searching the Playground
Trophy Winners

Second Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Thirty children and various adults came to celebrate an early Easter together as a community.
  • photo courtesy of Daryl Deel
  • prize egg winners
  • dinner is served
  • starting with appetizers
  • first group released to hunt