Sunrise Family Resort


Easter 2013

Thanks to volunteers and donators, over 1200 eggs were hidden at the SFR playground and park for children to find. Fifteen eggs were prize eggs and at least twice that many had gold dollars ad dollar bills.


Youth also had two Easter pinatas to break and other fun activities. Hotsdogs, snacks and drinks were provided for the attendees of this fun event.


Easter baskets were provided to all youth

  • volunteers hid over 1200 eggs at park
  • waiting their turns to have a go at one of the pinatas
  • For some, it was thier first Easter egg hunt
  • parents often had the job of holding the basket
  • Second group prepares to run for the field
  • hunting eggs works up the appetite
  • Bunny pinata
  • taking a swing
  • grabbing the candy
  • helping hunt eggs
  • searching eggs

Easter 2012

This years Easter events included a cook out, relay races and nearly 600 eggs with candy and prizes hidden around the park and playground. Each child also received a free Easter Basket (thanks Kim & PJ) before heading out to the hunt.


Thanks also to our volunteer event coordinators who planned such a fun activity and all the families who donated platic eggs, candy, prizes and meal items!

relay race
egg on a spoon was part of the relay
kids getting ready to search for lollipops in the ground
potato sack race
obstacle running was part of relay race
raffle winners
some prize winners
more prize winners
lots of prize eggs were out to be found
final step of relay race
a big field to hunt eggs in