Sunrise Family Resort


2015 Fourth Of July

Thanks to our avid fisherment, Chris and Pete, our main dish for the Fourth of July meal was fish and our cooks did a great job in preparing it. Tenants went all out in providing side dishes, including decorative and delicious deserts! Water and games were enjoyed by all with the night ending in beautiful fireworks. I apologize I didn't get as many photos of fireworks this year as I was having so much fun I forgot to recharge the second battery for the camera!! 


"Goodies" for attendees included patriotic water bottles and can holders. Youth also received red, white and blue fans, bouncing balls and pinwheels,


Special thanks to everyone who assisted and attended the annual SFR Fourth of July Celebration!!

Cooks provided lots of delicous fish
creative dishes like this cupcake flag were enjoyed by everyone
lots of delicous and creative deserts were provided by attendees
food and fun made this a memorable holiday for all who attended
tables were filled inside and out as the community came together to celebrate the holiday
slip and slide kick ball has become an annual fun activity

4th of July 2013

It was another day of fun and activities for Sunrise Family Resort at the annual Fourth of July Celebrations.


Activities started in the early afternoon with a delicious brunch of spaghetti, garlic bread etc. After brunch, everyone met at the community park where they designed patriotic T-shirts. T-shirt designing was followed by the start of the water games.


Many of the games were team related to help teach youth team work and good sportsmanship. Ribbons and medals were awarded to the winners of each event. Games includes: Relay sit on the water balloon. water bomb hot-potato game, toss the waterballon game (pairs), bouncing on balls and bring back water balloon for next team member to take back to pool... their were water gun rights, water balloons fights, volley ball (using a beach ball), dodge sponge (like dodge ball) and other group games enjoyed by youth and adults alike. Breaks were taken between games (much to the disappointment of some children) where drinks were served to keep everyone hydrated during the heat of the day.


Two fire pits were lit as evening approach and everyone roasted their own hots dogs to eat with side dishes, chips etc. Once darkness approached the community sat around to watch the best fireworks display so far!


As always, everything was at no cost to SFR youth


Firework photos coming soon!!


Attendees were given glo-in-the dark jewelry, glo sticks, patriotic lei's, glo in the dark sunglasses (youth only), glo in the dark toys, toy frisbees (donated by Madill Sonic) and other fun items to take home.


Fireworks were followed by cooking s'mores and marshmallows. Several youth camped out at the park where a projector and movie screen provided entertainment. After dark activities included glo-in-the dark volleyball and other activities.

One group decorates T shirts
severla relay races were part of the activities
youth enjoyed brunch before activities
the word of the day was 'team work'
sitting on water balloons was a fun relay game
ice cube melting game
adults and youth enjoyed the games
water balloon fights
passing the wet sponge overhead
one team of water balloon fighters
squirt fun fights
beach ball volleyball
cooking out was part of the fun activities
silliness is always a part of fun activities
there was lots of food for everyone at the 4th of July picnic
everone enjoyed smores and other snacks
hot potatoe water balloon toss
water balloon toss (teams of two)
youth were closely monitored by adults when cooking
youth spread out to enjoy their food at the picnic tables at the park

4th of July 2012

This years 4th of July event included a day and night of fun activities for youth and adults


Day time activities included four swimming pools of different sizes, slip -n- slide, water sprinklers, water balloon fights, squirt gun fights and cook out with free food and drinks.


Evening activities included cooking smores, other snacks, freeze dancing, glow-in-the-dark dodge ball, sleeping out at the park with spooky stories/movies and of course, a beautiful fireworks display.


In addition to food and drinks, everyone received squirt guns, glow-in-the-dark jewlery etc.


We also raffled off a swimming pool with bench and cup holders! Winner of the raffle was Charlotte Gash who said her grandchildren just love it!!




Volunteers who donated time, planning, money, water (for pools) and/or materials include:


Charlotte and Daryl Gash

Bobbi Gentry

Charlotte Gash

Raymond Mills

James Cox

Danita Mallett


Gwen Phelps

Barbara Herring


Special thanks to all the volunteers and donators who helped make this event OUTSTANDING and everyone who attended the SFR 4th of July.


Thanks to everyone for a safe, fun and injury-free 4th of July 




  • large pool for adults and teens
  • 3 pools from 1' to 3' entertained children of all ages
  • adult volunteers manned all pools for safety
  • one of the three smaller pools
  • setting up a slip and slide
  • getting ready for one of the water balloon fights
  • one side of water balloon battle
  • the water baloon fight is on
  • Dinner is served
  • Preparing to pass out squirt guns
  • another water balloon battle begins
  • spreading our to enjoy the meal
  • getting ready for fireworks
  • freeze dancing during firework intermission
  • adult supervision was used with sparklers
  • night time cooking includes smores