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This year we did something a little different and had a scavenger hunt in the field late at night. Each team was given riddles of hints and searched for items to survive a world of zombies. Nearly forty kids crept through the night seeking survival items. Kids received a pack of survival items from the scaventer hunt, lots of candy and goodies and the winning team was treated to prizes including a night at the movies (spooky of course)! Due to lighting and camera issues we have no photos of this event,

Halloween 2013

Due to camera malfunction we apologize for limited photos this year

  • Make a mummy contest
  • spook area waiting for nightfall
  • night photo just didn't turn out

Halloween 2012

In the year 2012, a haunted forest was included in the Halloween plans. Youth were told a spooky story on the way to the trails to help with atmosphere. Led by a guide/story teller, youth entered the haunted forest where they met witches, ghosts, monsters, the clown from "IT" , and other creatures that had everyone screaming in fun. At the end of the trail an officer from Lebbannon created the children who survived (LOL) with bags of candy!


After the spook forest children had fun at the annual SFR mini carnival where they played games, won prizes, had costume contest etc. Snacks and smoking witches brew were served. Everyone had so much fun that the event went on until almost mignight!


As always, this event was free to tenants and their families.


More photos coming soon

  • volunteers oversaw the many games
  • spinning the pumpkin brought children back again and again
  • two bean bag toss games were a big hit
  • children took a break to enjoy their haunting snacks!
  • SFRs party hosted approx 60 attendeed and volunteers
  • The bar was covered with food for everyone to chose from
  • One bean toss game was geared to younger children
  • Halloween Blinko kept youth lined up to play
  • teens helped oversee some of the many games geared to younger children

Halloween Party 2011

Every year SFR holds a community Halloween party. This year the party included a mini carnival with lots of prizes, the costume contest, craft activities and lots of events to make the party fun for all.


One of the new events held this year was a scavenger hunt in the SFR graveyard! Hints were based on spooky movies that youth watched weekly and included a community center lock-in of a night of movies and fun the week before the Halloween Party. One of the new event coordinators, Bobbi Gentry, took the winning team to see a movie the week after Halloween! 

lined up for fishing game
halloween crafts
costume contest winners
lining up for judging
bobbing for apples
dart game
ring toss game
children line up to go bowling
more crafts

Halloween Party

On Friday, Oct. 30 a Halloween pary was held at SFR. The party was open to the community and friends.

Games played included: Halloween Bingo, ring toss, bean bag throw, musical chairs, toy toss and craft activities. Movies, snacks and a good time were included in this free event sponsored by the manager and tenants of the SFR community.
Halloween bingo
Costume contest winner
making crafts
another contest winner
hanging the spider
blacklight cobwebs
groups coming in at start of party
getting ready for contest entry
toy toss
decorating almost compelte
Mojo in his cowboy suit