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Summer Youth Program 2015

The 2015 Summer Youth Program is underway. We hope you enjoy some of our photos of the fun time we are having this summer and our projects.

  • outlet and plug in covers
  • cleaning paint off hands
  • cutting up donated material for crafts
  • table 1 finishing up on lava lamps
  • decorating shirts to wear on the fourth
  • younger youth used paint pens, other kids used brushes
  • washing up
  • table 3 preparing to paint
  • showing off the shoes she made
  • selecting shirts
  • getting ready for water balloon fight
  • filling up balloons
  • painting volcanos
  • group one painting volcanos
  • grabbing shade to paint wherever they can
  • grabbing shade to paint wherever they can
  • painting on Fri so we can erupt Monday
  • first group of painted volcanos
  • SFR bikes are part of sporting equipment youth may use

Fundraisers for Summer Program 2014

Four members of the community went head to head on who would have to dye their hair in a fundraiser to help raise money for community youth.  Nearly $400 was raised in this small community as manager Karen Maple, Maintenance Danita Mallett, volunteer known as Gramma Charlotte and event fundraiser Etta Jones encouraged people to donate to the other people's jar!!


Louise James was the official money counter who verified the winner (or loser--depening on how you looked at it) would be. Etta tipped the scale making nearly $20 more than her closest runner up. Every member in the community had one vote for the color she would have to do her hair with pink winning by a landslide.


Volunteer Bobbi Gentry met Etta at the community center while various youth sat around to observe the transformation.


Special thanks to all our volunteers, donators and of course to Etta for being such a good sport and helping to raise money for our youth. Etta was required to keep her hair pink for no less than two months but she was so sweet she gave us three to enjoy the pink!!



Special thanks also to our bakers in the community, the Enos Mall, Etta (volunteer fundraiser) and many of our youth volunteers for their two weekends of bake sales which raised several hundred dollars for our community Christmas gift shopping this year!!

  • etta getting prepared
  • before
  • the process begins
  • the rinse
  • completed work
  • finished product of fundraiser




Here is the schedule of craft activities our first two weeks:


13th Father's Day Craft  Movie Night - Ender's Game (Older youth only pls, as rated PG 13)

16th - DyedCandles

17th - Wooden Science Boxes

18th decorating flip flops

19th decorating wooded science boxes and science gear

20th Fourth of July wreaths

23rd Flag frames

24th - Hummingbird Feeders

25th Firework T shirts

26th squirrel feeders (tenative based on materials)

27th BINGO  Movie night - The Lego Movie


Next Field Trip:  Matinee - How To Train your Dragon II -- sign up in office


All crafts are free to youth


A list of donated items appreciated is in community center (Most are recycle items)!!




  • getting ready to make Lava lamps
  • slip and slide dodge ball has become an annial favorite
  • giant slip and slide
  • balloon release in our experiment to see how far they travel
  • butterfly feeders made on one of our Weds nature craft days
  • making refrig magnets
  • youth were very proud of their creativity
  • erupting volcanos were done again by high demand of youth
  • showing off completed volcanos
  • making volcanos is a long process of papermache, dry, paint and set them off
  • writing letters to military pen pals

summer youth activities 2013

The following photos are some of the activities we have done through the month of May. 


Special notes/holiday celebrations:


EARTH DAY:  Office flower beds, community flower bed planted and over 60 trees planted in community by volunteers


ARMED FORCES DAY:  Several tables were set up where youth could do several projects to send to the military overseas.

Crafts included: picture frames, appreciation cards, book marks, pen-pal letters, friendship bracelets... This item were boxed with books,candies, snacks and personal care items donated by residentso of our community and mailed off to thank those so far from home and family.


MOTHER'S DAY: Not only did youth make gifts for their own mothers but they made extras to deliver to every mom who lived in our community.


MEMORIAL DAY: Memorial bricks were made. Youth decorated them and wrote names of beloved people or pets that touched their lives. Some youth opted to write their own names as a keepsake. Special stones were also made for loved ones who passed away in our community to be placed near the memorial trees planted in their honor.


SCIENCE PROJECTS: Every Wednesday the SFR summer youth program does a science project. Some projects. like our first one with volcanoes take two Wednesdays.


Youth have their own pair of safety goggles, meauring cups/spoons and miscelaneous materials and supplies so they are always ready for the weekly science project. At the end of summer, each student gets to keep their special-decorated Science Box and all the things provided them for these fun activities!!


Summer has just begun, so check back often to see what we are doing new!!

  • 20+ frames were decorated and sent overseas
  • This was one of the tables for making book marks
  • friendship bracelets were a fun activity for all ages
  • Armed Forces Day projects
  • another tables of projects sent overseas to the military
  • Memorial Day projects, first set
  • second set of bricks being readied for decorating
  • decorating memorial bricks
  • picking out decorations for blocks
  • Mother's Day crafts
  • crafts
  • mothers day projects, 1st group completed
  • Youth Bingo is held every Friday after brunch
  • table four of Bingo players
  • ripping paper for paper mache projects
  • making volcanoe
  • volcano making at the park
  • building volcanos to erupt can be a messy project!
  • more volcano makers
  • stacks of volcanos dried in the community center and hallways for painting
  • setting out paints for volcano painting
  • youth painted volcanos in preparation for eruptions
  • a park full of volcano painters!
  • some youth made double volcanos
  • youth put on their protective goggles before erupting
  • a drop of food coloring made colorful eruptions
  • some added a drop of dish soap for a more foamy lava
  • like nature, some eruptions came earlier than expected
  • some eruptions started before removing the funnel - but what a cool effect
  • Most youth stayed longer to erupt their volcanoes numerous times using different portions of available ingredients
  • everyone wins prizes at the weekly Bingo games
  • craft activites are held at least four times a week
  • youth were very creative with their refrigerator magnets
  • summer is the perfect time to create insect refrigerator magnets
  • adult volunteers make the SFR summer program possible

SFR Youth Summer Program 2013

Volunteers have worked tiredlessly the last few months planning the 2nd Annual SFR Youth Summer Program. This is a brief list of some of the fun things we will be doing this year. As in the previous years, activities will continue to be expanded. Some activities may be postponed in the situation where a trip to Six Flags or another fun place is scheduled in. All activities are free to SFR youth. We are looking forward to a fun and educational summer together! The summer program starts on Monday, June 20. The following is a daily list of activities planned to date.



11 am - Brunch

12 pm - Crafts

Followed by Play at the Park

Exception: Fourth Monday of Month Youth Volunteer Day will follow crafts

7 pm - First and third Monday BOOK CLUB where we will read all types of books; we will analyze, compare and discuss readings in a round table setting. (must have reading/writing skills)




11am - Brunch

12 pm - Reading Circle

12:30 pm - Crafts

Play at the park (following crafts)

7 p.m. softball



11 am - Brunch

12 pm - Science projects/activities

(Play at the park will often be included in science activities)



11 am - Brunch

12 pm - Craft

Play at the Park

7 pm - Golf



11 am - Brunch

12 pm - Youth Bingo

3 pm - First and Third Friday Scrapbbooking classes



7 pm - First and third Saturday, Teens (PG13 + movies)

          Second and fourth Saturday all youth (rated "G" and PG)



CRAFTS WILL INCLUDE MAKING: Kites, origomi, stepping stones, playdough, lava lamps, candy/cookies (homemade baking and decorating), bird houses, bird baths, making & decorating planter pots, jewlery making, candles,humming bird feeders etc.


SCIENCE PROJECTS WILL INCLUDE: erupting volcanos, mini air balloons, tornado in a jar, rockets that fly, weather vane, rain guage and other projects to learn more about the world and how it works.


PLAY AT THE PARK DAYS WILL INCLUDE: Ride through Bike wash, obstacle course, balloon pinata, water balloon/squirt gun fights, playing with homemade bubbles and blowers, kite flying, races/contests, volley ball, horse shoes, dodge ball, scavenger hunt and other fun activities.




Tues, May 28 - Celebrate Summer Bash - 1 p.m. (or after crafts) to ? Water games/pools at the park; food and drinks served.

Sat., June 8 - First outing at The Splash

Fri., July 5 - Outdoor games and activities (ribbons/medals awarded), food and drinks served; fireworks (after dark), smore's and other snacks during the campout at the park. Breakfast the following morning.

Sat., July 20 - Community-wide outing to The Splash




Additional outings to pools/water parks, the lake, museums and other places will be announced as planned. Please check the billetin board in the community center often for updates on field trips. Activities will be updated at least every two weeks and new activities added as they become available. Outside trips depend on the availabilty of sponsors, transportation, chaperones and other factors.





in addition to crafts, creative writing club, reading club, scrapbooking and science days,sports & water days at the park, field trips included: Six Flags over Texas (twice), Hurrican Harbor (once), The Splash (six times) and Texoma Lake outings.


More photographs coming soon from chaperones and youth who attended these field trips.

roller cpasters were a favorite for many
view from on top of roller coaster
One SFR group poses for photo
Hurricane harbor
another favorite of groups
One group takes time to pose at SFR

Pool plans

Due to the closing of the Madill pool, swimming plans have changed to The Splash in Sherman. The splash is a 323,000 gallon pool with two waterslides, drop slide, backboard, current channel, basketball goals and other features. There is also a zero-dept section with spray features and a toddler slide for our little ones.


In addition to offering more activities, swimming will now be available for up to 5 hours (versus 2) We will be leaving the community center at 11:30 on Sunday, October 12. Please be on time as in order to have your entries paid we need to keep our group together.

Summer program 2012

The SFR Summer Program includes a variety of activities for youth.


Sports are offered at least twice a week (softball, golf, soccer etc)


Learning days are weekly science projects where children have, (or will) learn about gravity, how to make icecream, how to make a glass of homemade soda pop, how to make and erupt a volcano and other interactive activities!


Crafts include such activities as finger painting, making bird houses, making savings banks, creating their own wardrobes, decorating their own sunglasses, making and decorating windchimes, decorating summer wreaths and other fun activities.


Monthly movie nights where children enjoy snacks and watch new releases


Monthly Bingo Night


Other activities: Community Center Lock-in - (youth stay up all night watching movies and eating junk food); Sleeping out under the stars and cooking outdoors, Scavenger Hunt, *Monthly Community Volunteer Day, Weekly reading circle, Brunch (Monday - Friday)


Field trips have (or will) include:  Going to movie theaters, The Splash (Sherman), Madill City Pool etc. As funding and transportation is available we would like to include a trip to an amusement park and interactive museum.



All activities are at no cost to youth to date. Any charge, if any that might occur on field trips would be minimal.


* Community service projects includes such things as reading to younger children, trash clean-up day, painting porches and picnic tables, assisting with craft activities for younger children, cleaning community center, helping elderly by taking their trash to dumpsters.


More photos will be added through out the summer, so visit us often!

  • Free brunch is served Monday-Friday
  • brunch is served at 11 am
  • A few of the youth show off decorated sunglasses
  • early arrivals to softball practice
  • volunteers provide individual practice
  • golf is another weekly sport
  • learning to swing
  • Craft activities are held twice a week
  • SFR craft day
  • craft day
  • Youth may also volunteer to the community
  • designing jeans
  • Several youth went to The Splash (Sherman)
  • Field trips are included in the SFR Summer Program
  • designing pants
  • one finished prodect
  • swimming parties
  • Beautification included plating flowers
  • flying kites in field
  • windy days are great for kite flying


(Updated 7/20/12)


Another outing to The Splash (Sherman) on Tuesday, July 24.


Youth who have signed up should meet at the community center by 11 a.m.  Sponsors will be leaving immediately after brunch. Youth will be back at approximately 9 p.m. No cost to youth though they should pack a lunch and/or bring money for concession stand.



The Splash - August 12 

40+ enjoyed a SFR free swim day in Sherman, TX

Our day at the pool
Over 40 attendees
diving was a favorite for many
coming down the slide
kids of all ages attended the SFR field trip

Summer Youth Program

The SFR calendars show scheduled events for our summer program. Tutoring for students is offered on individual basis and is not included in the calender.


Other fun events, such as community swim parties, kite flying and other activities are not included on the calender but we will include photos for most events as available..

  • June Calendar
  • July Calendar
  • August Calendar

Summer program comments

Check out our testimonial page to see what youth (and parents) have to say about the summer program!


Link is on the Home Page