Sunrise Family Resort


Valentines Day 2013

Curfew was lifted again this year so youth could dance the night away. Youth voted for King/Queen and Prince/Princess.

Valentine King and Queen
Valentine King and Queen
Valentine Prince and Princess
Valentine Prince and Princess

Second Annual Valentines Day

Valentines Day gives tenants and youth the opportunity to attend the SFR Sweetheart Dance with a guest. This year in addition to crowning an SFR King and Queen, everyone also voted for an SFR prince and princess.


Event Coordinators Bobbi Gentry and Charlotte Deel planned the dance and Gentry served as the DJ., playing the requested songs people had submitted since the previous month.


Special thanks to volunteers Charlotte and Daryl Deel for photography of the event, our events coordinators who planned the event, everyone who donated snacks and drinks. We all had a great time!!

SFR prince and princess
2012 sweetheart dance court
balloons and candy for sweathearts and friends
people starting to come in
a little goofing off