Sunrise Family Resort now has carpet for sale!

Most Affordable/Durable/Versatile Floor Covering  (Kingston, OK)

1 per sq. ft Introductory Sale!!! Assorted premium commercial grade carpet tiles, easy to install - NO glue needed; easy to clean - washable in the sink; many colors, patterns, sizes to chose from..... fun to make your own designs to your taste and satisfaction. Great for small rooms, garage, storage spaces or area rugs.... Also great for rentals, you can pick up a dirty pieces, rinse them off the sink and put back where they were placed. Showroom is in Buncome creek, Kingston OK at Sunrise Family Resort. Call Karen at 1800 524 0558 ext.20 or 206-452-0778 for questions and appointments. Mail order available with minimum purchase of 54 square feet (1 boxes).




Currently: we have in stock over 100 colors and patterns, sizes vary: 19 ¾" X 19 ¾" ($2.70), 39 ½" X 39 ½" ($10.80)  ,12"X36" ($5.40).

Below are some samples of what we have available - we will be adding more photos soon!

  • sample1
  • sample2
  • sample3
  • sample 4
  • sample 5
  • sample 6
  • samples laid out
  • laid in home we are renovating
  • assorted samples laid out
  • playing with some designs in renovations
  • over a shop full available now!
  • stacked to the roof and then some
  • hundreds of colors and designs
  • great for bedrooms like above
  • solids and patterns available
  • thick backing - no adhesive needed
  • golds and browns
  • so easy a child can do it

Carpet Photos

"When we moved to our new office we were looking for a good deal on carpet or some type of flooring. Sunrise Family Resort had exactly what we needed to add to the professionalism of our offices. Everyone in the office loves their new carpet. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to be creative and make my own design. The hardest part for us was deciding which colors and designs because there are so many to chose from! Everyone compliments our offices now, so thanks SFR for all your help and the new look to our offices." 

The carpet is as easy to work with as promised - in fact, I purchased some for my home and recommend it to all my friends...

Bobbi Gentry
Family Support Services (Madill)
  • office 1
  • office 2
  • office 3
  • office 4