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8/2/12  Austin came home last week and is doing really well. He took the first skin graph like a real trooper!  He still has future surgeries and of course, cannot be in the sun or heat.


A welcome home surprise party was held in the community center. Photos will be uploaded soon!!

Care Flight Landing Zone

The people at Sunrise Family Resort were honored to be asked to serve as an emergency landing site for care flight in our local area!

  • coming in for a landing
  • care flight landing at SFR field
  • care flight
  • flight landed
  • getting ready to transport
  • care flight at work

SFR Hero

Lexi, a 12 year old, saved the life of her little brother in a serious burn accident. She put out the fire and immediately ran for help to take her little brother to the hospital.


(7/9/12)  Five-year-old Austin was care flighted to Parkland Medical Center (Dallas) where he is being treated for serious burns to his chest and shoulder as well as facial burns. He will be facing skin grafts and reconstructive surgery. The family appreciates the thoughts and prayers for this brave little boy.


(7/11/12) Estimated hospital stay at this time is 4 to 6 weeks. A definite time is not known as this time as it will depend on the healing process and other medical factors.


Donations and/or get well cards are gratefully accepted.


Checks/money orders may be mailed to:



5586 Dublin Drive

Kingston, OK 73439


Please make checks payable to his father Josh Blackwood


Austin Updates will be kept current in the community center so everyone can know how our little man is doing.

We will also try to keep our Facebook and web page up-to-date for distant family, friends...



  • Austin keeping a brave face