Sunrise Family Resort



  1. No unreasonable noise, loud sounds or disturbances to neighborhood of any kind. Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  2. No firearms or weapons used or on premises.
  3. No trespassing on other resident’s property without permission.
  4. No unlawful drugs, no domestic violence or fighting of any kind.
  5. No more than 2 pets per household, NO dogs over 35 lbs at adulthood. No dangerous dogs allowed on premises at any time.  Management must approve new pets and pet deposit will be paid per pet.
  6. Leash law will be observed at all times and pet families are responsible to clean up after animals and keep yards clean of animal waste.
  7. Animals (outside) will be provided fresh water, food and adequate shelter from weather at all times. Dogs must be kept on premises through the use of fencing and/or temporary tie downs or hand held leash. Excessive barking and nuisance behaviors will not be tolerated.
  8. Fencing must be of professional-type chain link fence or privacy fencing (LTO homes)
  9. No more than two vehicles per parking place of each home and no broken down vehicles left in parking areas. No parking on lawn/in yard area.
  10. No driving on lawns/in park area - driving is only permitted on roadways
  11. No speeding - speed limits are posted for safety of children and residents
  12. Trash and other debris will not be stored in yards on porches etc. but will be thrown in dumpsters.  Neither will furniture, appliances, bicycles, toys or other items be stored in or clutter yards. Further, furnishings and items too big/not acceptable in dumpsters are the responsibility of tenants to dispose of legally off the property of SFR.
  13. Yards will be mowed and maintained by tenants, 
  14. Swimming pools, trampolines etc. (if approved) must have enclosed fencing with lock(s) to prevent entry for protection of neighborhood children and any and all accidents are the  direct responsibility of tenants and SFR has no liability.
  15. Storage units, carports etc. (if approved) must be kept in professional and good repair as to not detract from the appearance of property.
  16. Rules are subject to additions/change per community vote and/or management and such changes will be posted on community bulletin board.
  17. DO NOT go to management or maintenance homes – if there is an emergency and only if it is an emergency, call the manager at 580-579-6888 after hours.