If you have carpentry and other skills and looking for a low cost fixxer upper give us a call, text or email. We have several homes in need of repair and without fulltime maintenance staff at this time, we might be able to work out a deal that could be beneficial to all of us. Example below:

H10; 3 bedroom, 2 bath



3 bedroom, two bath home. Must have good carpentry skills. Back door may need replaced - I have a door  if needed; one bathroom cabinet needs repaired; I have purchased one if it cannot be repaired; the floors appear solid - though entry work may be needed by back entry door; wall work in a few area in hall mostly; carpet or linoleum on hall/living room floors (I have carpet squares in home at this time); a few windows leak. Not sure about water leaks but would imagine once the water is turned on there will be some issues there....


This home rented for $500 a month but under fixer upper contract will rent for $300 a month for one year to have home brought to rent-ready status.



Tenants are still responsible to pay their own utilities. Water and Trash is paid to us - average for a family of four is $35 (varies with usage)

REA electric

Red River Propane (if applicable)

  • front of home
  • step up kitchen
  • hall and living room not carpeted
  • needs lots of cleaning
  • needs some wall work