Sunrise Family Resort





I wanted to thank the Sunrise Family Report for all their kind words and assistance when my sister passed away. It was easy to see how close her community was and she always told me how much she loved living here. I was able to see that myself when everyone was there to help me go through her belongings and giving me the extra time to do so. I realized exactly what my sister was talking about. That this was a community that was more about family and helping each other than one just out to make money. Thank you for making her last few years on earth happy ones and for being there for her and when she passed, for me. I should have sent this to you a long time ago but her loss has been very hard on me. Just know you are all greatly appreciated.




I lived here when the new manager took over (about 5 years ago) and it was easy to see from the start she was going to make some good changes. Before we hardly ever saw the manager or maintenance but when she arrived they were there within hours to repair anything we reported and they fixed things right- no more shortcuts like it used to be. She was there all the time at first, but even when she started taking breaks and going home sometimes she remained only a phone call away. Due to a family situation, I had to relocate several months after she arrived but I was so impressed with what I had seen back then that the first thing I did when I moved back to this area was to call and see if she was still the manager and if they had any homes available. I was so happy to learn the answer to both questions was "yes."


I was so pleased to see the hard work of the manager and staff continue to pay off, as I walked around the property and through the homes. It is nothing like it used to be. She (manager) kept telling me they still have a ways to go to reach her goal. I think she forgets how far they have come from what the place used to be like, so my message to them is simply "all of you are amazing for all that you have accomplished and it is great to be home"


Patty M. 


I had a friend who lived at Sunrise Family Resort for almost five years who recommend this place to me. I figured if they lived there that long and liked the place it had to be pretty good. I found a home that is perfect for my family and signed up for their lease to own program. It's exciting to know I will own my home in eight years and at a cost that is cheaper than what I paid to rent my old house and because we are buying our home we can fix it up the way we want it! The only problem we have had is when my husband and I debate on what to do first!




When a school district recommends a community I think it would have to be pretty good and I wasn't disappointed. We found the house we wanted and signed our lease to rent for six months so we could try the community out before going lease to own. I see us signing over for the lease to own program long before that six months is even over.


While the roads are pretty rough (but I'm told they are working on them), the people and area make up for it. The community is quiet and so safe that if I forget to lock my doors when I go to work or have to go somewhere, I don't worry about it. I know everything will be just as I left it when I get home. I have left expensive tools in the yard or on my porch for days while I was working on something and no one has bothered them or anything else I leave out. Because it is a close-knit community I know my neighbors and that includes many of the people who live here--not just the ones who live next door. I love living in a place where I feel safe and I don't have to worry about cops coming in day and night, fighting, drive by shootings, drugs and all that stuff we had to put up with before moving here. I was beginning to wonder if places like this still existed but now that I found one I don't see us going anywhere else


This is a great community, so much so I have already began working on friends and family to get them to move here while there are still have a few homes available.






I have never lived in a place where the staff is so quick to respond when I call about something needing fixed. I have lived a lot of places where it took weeks or even months to get the landlord to fix something--if they even showed up at all. When they did show up they acted like I was putting them out or just patched something that would break again in a couple weeks because it wasn't fixed right the first time. The maintenance here not only responds quickly but they always do a great job and I don't think they have ever left my home without making sure I didn't need anything else before they left. They are always friendly and professional whether they are unstopping a plugged toilet, fixing a water leak or having to climb on a roof in this summer heat. Of all the things I like about living here I think I would have to count maintenance at the top of the list.


Joey F



July 2015

(Summer Youth Program) Summer was fun because we got to do lots of fun things and make lots of things too. Some times it is too hot but we get to play in the water and have water balloon fights. Thats real fun especially when we get the adults all wet. I liked going swimming and going down the big slides. I wish it could be summer everyday but maybe not so hot.



July 2015

(Summer Youth Program)


I had so much fun this summer. I got to make my own shoes and decorate my own T shirt and do all kinds of fun stuff. I think the water balloon games were the most fun and going on field trips.



July 2015

(summer youth program) Me and my brothers have lots of fun in the summer because its like going to camp except we don't get to stay all night. That would be really fun. Sometimes we get to camp out though. We get to do fun stuff and make things like jewlery, shoes and other stuff. I'm glad we got to make volcanos again because they are so much fun to watch explode but they are messy to make. We learned to fix bikes and had a bike wash and that was fun too.



July 2015

This place was recommended to me by my children's counselor who told us about all the great things they do with the kids here. She said they have a nice playground and a lot of kids live there so they would have friends. I am so glad I took her advice! My kids love it here for the fun and friends and my husband and I love it because we know our children are safe and happy. It is a quiet place that my husband really appreciates because he works nights. People are very helpful and you couldn't ask for a better maintenance crew. They are quick to respond to any work order we fill out and they always do such an excellent job. We really love our house and the community and plan to go on the lease to own program in a couple months.




July 2015

Thanks for all the cool things we got to do this summer (summer youth program) and going swimming. It was so much fun. and thanks for having bikes I can use until my mom can buy me one.




received via USPS


Dear Karen and employees of Sunrise Park,


I wanted to let you know my daughter and I have settled down in our new place and the job is going well. I needed to write this to thank you because you took a chance on us and welcomed us to your park like family. You helped us out in so many ways during the two years I lived there. From the groceries mysteriously left on my porch to the Christmas gifts Santa left to be found on Christmas morning to the fun activities that got me out of the house, meeting people and helped Kendra make friends and build her confidence with all the different things you do with kids. We were going through a hard time and needed that.


 Where else can you find a manager who will check in on your pets if you are running late or a maintenance women who will crawl under your house at midnight and in the snow to fix a water leak? It didn't matter if it was day or night, she always came with tools in hand and a smile on her face and always did a great job. There just aren't many places like that or people like all of you that really do care and want to help others. You did a lot more for us than I can ever tell you. Just know you are appreciated!


It's hard to believe we have been gone for almost three months but I think we will always think of our cute little two bedroom at Sunrise as home. In a perfect world I would have found a job like this closer or could have brought all of you with me! But I guess we can't have everything. Just know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers.


Thanks for everything

Deb C

March 2015

My daughter was trying to find me a place to live close to her and several people told her about Sunrise Family Resort. She helped me find the perfect little house with plenty of room for me and my little dog. Everyone is so wonderful here and helped me find furniture and everything I needed to help make my house a home.  I love my neighbors and my little house nestled in the trees.  I am just renting my home but told the manager I love it here so much that I am planning to go lease to own


Barbara D


March 2015

I moved here to be close to family members who told me about the great lease to own opportunities here. It is a nice to be in my early thirties and be buying my own home. This is a nice community to live in and one that gives everyone an opportunity to buy a home to call their own--even if you don't have a lot of money.



Dublin Drive

Feb 2015

Now that we are expecting a baby my wife and I wanted to move to a community where we didn't have to put up with drugs and rowdy drunks all the time. We were looking for a safe and nice environment to raise our child and we have found it here (Sunrise Family Resort). I love the peaceful atmosphere, the friendliness of the people and being so close to the lake. I tell everyone how much I like it here and am encouraing friends and co workers to move here while there are still a few homes available!



Lease to Own

Aug 2014

I made a tool box and decorated a lamp for my room and made lots of stuff for our new house.  I got to blow up a volcano. I had fun but I can't wait for school.  (Summer youth program)


Cam (7)

July 2014

I loved making volvanos best. I like watching hummingbirds come to the feeder I made and the butterfly feeder too. The grasshoppers likes it to. Going to the waterpark was fun. I can't wait until next summer. (Summer Youth Program)


Joey (10)

May 2014

I guess I''ve been here longer than about anyone. Seen lots of managers, several owners, under different names and lots of crazy stuff in the past. All I can say is in the last few years this place is better than it ever has been since I lived here.



February 2014

It is with great sadness that I leave my friends and the community of Sunrise Family Resort but sometimes we just have to go where our jobs lead us. I have never lived in a place where people were so caring or in a community where children are so well entertained and catered too. We will miss all of your SO much. I especially thank the manager Karen Maple who helped us find the perfect house to make our home. I pray that I will find a community and a manager who cares and helps as much as all of you. Best of luck in your ongoing project. With your committment and determination you will find a success even greater than you hope for.


God Bless

Rose & family


July 2013

Since we have moved here our lives have improved. The neighbors are all great. They watch out for each other. Our daughter has made lots of friends. The community center keeps her  and the other kids busy and out of trouble. Everyone helre helps each other out when they can. Knowing that as we fix up things in our place and it will be ours in the end is very reasurring. I would recommedn anyone with kids, that is tired of paying rent and not knowing it will be yours in the long run, to move here right away. We also have our local church here to pickup kids for Sunday School and Wednesday bible study. There are also bingo and other adult events offered here as well



The Renos

Lease to Own

May 2013

We have been living here since 2011. We just love it here; so much so, a few months ago we went on the lease-to-own program.


I help with the wonderful children in the community during the school year while they wait for the school bus in the community center. The children are alll like grandchildren to me (which I have four of mine living in this community). They also help me when I need them.


I went on a week trip to see some of my grandchildren graduate. When I got back, at the time the children were doing a craft project for memorial day making memory bricks. All the children wanted hugs from me because they missed me and my "hellos" when they passed my home on the way to the playground.


SFR is a wonderful place to live. We even have a church van that picks up kids (and adults if needed), I have used the van on occassion.


If someone is looking for a place of their own I encourage them to move to our great community. Please come and be part of our family.



Char-char  Lease-to-own

May 2013 (Summer Youth Program)

I love summer time here. We get to do fun things. This week we made volcanos. Ms. Karen had us do them in the park because it was really messy. Then we got to paint and when they got dry we got to blow them up. That was the funnest part of all. All the kids have their own science box with our own goggles, measuring cups and spoons so we can do fun stuff all summer. We get to do fun stuff everyday and it is fun.

Cam (6 years)

May 2013

I moved here from Arkansas because my family moved here a few years ago and keot telling me what a great community it is. Well I'm finally here and they are right! I love this community so much that I volunteer for a lot of the events we do -- especially the ones for the children.


The whole community comes together to make this a fun and safe place to raise their kids and that's what I love most about this community.


Gina - Lease to Own

April 2013

(as told) "I first checked out this community on the recommendation of youth who live here. I thought what better recommendation? I checked it out and fell in love with the community and people. Not only have I recently signed up for the lease to own Program, but I am recommending moving here to family and friends.





"The first thing that impressed me about this place is how quiet it is. The more I saw of it and heard about it, I just grew more convinced that this is where I want to raise my children. I had never heard of anything as great as the lease to own program like they have here either. Moving here was one of the easiest decisions I have ever made.."



March 2013 - Facebook email


Rubin Jake Wells


9:20pm     Mar 27


THANKS   EVERYONE for the care packages that was sent. I'm not wanting any of yall to   break the bank though. your thoughts and prayers are great. its been 4mnths   over here and im already missing my neighbors and family. yall are a great   support group. special thanks to every one and there families at SFR: karen   brian charlotte danita alecia& tony dj& megean bobbi bill our new   neighbors coming in michelle& boomer
  F.Y.I: I LOVE ARTS AND CRAFTS THE KIDS MAKE, drawings cards and or letters.


"As a struggling single mom I thought home ownership was out of my reach. Then I heard about this great Lease to Own program. At first I was a little skeptical as it almost sounded too good to be true. But here I am, only two years from owning my own home. My kids love living here and so do I. Moving here was one of the best decisions I have ever made."




8/14/12 (Summer Youth Program)

Waterfun days are so much fun and I like eating brunch with my friends. Charlotte brought arts and crafts to my house to do when I could not go with everyone else so I got to make things just like everyone else.


Bubba, 5

8/18/12 (Summer Youth Program)

Thank you for all the summer fun things! Like the splash and the movies and stuff like that. You are really kind, so thank you for everything.


Seth, 12

8/14/12 (Summer Youth Program)

Thank you for the splash, baseball, waterfun, campout, smores, arts and crafts, brunch, golf and all the fun stuff this summer.


Che, age 8

8/13/12 (Summer Youth Program)

I had so much fun this summer. I got to make jewlery and learn to do all kinds of fun things. The most fun ever was going to the big water park. I got to go twice. I want to go again very,very soon because it is so much fun even though I can't go down the big slide like my brother.


Mari, 4


I love going swimming and playing with my friends. I like spending time with friends and family and doing fun things in the community center.


Gracie, age 5


This is the one place I have lived that I call home and am happy to call it that. There are lots of fun activities and things to do here too.


Michael, age 11

8/1/12 (Summer Youth Program)

I enjoy volunteering and I like all the activities we do here. This is a fun place to live. I have a lot of friends and people are nice. This is my home and I love living here.


Jimmy, age 13


(Austin as told his sister)


I like arts and crafts and can't wait until she (Charlotte, volunteer) comes to my house with everything so I can do activities too.


Austin, age 5

Austin recently came home from the hospital and due to burns, skin grafts etc. can not go outdoors or be in the sun.  


My favorite thing is brunch because they always have good things to eat and the cooks are fun to tease with. They make lots and lots of food and I can eat all I want. I like making things to and going swimming but I like eating and watching movies the most.


Brian, age 6


Sunrise Family Resort is the perfect name for our mobile home community, because the people who live here are like one big family. In a crises or celebration we all join in to help, love and care for each other. You just don't see that anywhere very often any more or anywhere. I have lived in many places over the years but this is the place I plan to stay.


Polly, B2

8/15/12 (Summer Youth Program)

My favorite things were golf, waterfun days, baseball, the campout, bingo, going to the movies, movie night, Bingo and the reading circle. Thank you for a fun summer.


Lydia M, 10

8/20/12 (Summer Youth Program)

Thank fou for the fun water day, the splash and learning fun days, brunch with friends, fashion fun days, softball, golf, arts and crafts, picnics, camping in the park, fireworks, big kid movie night and movies and the treasure hunt. I really liked 'Total Recall; at the movies.


Allexxis, 11

8/13/12 (Summer Program)

I really enjoyed sports this summer and water fun days. The best thing was the trips to The Splash. This was my best summer ever because I got to go to the movies, do science projects, softball, golf, make stuff and go on a treasure hunt.


Jojo, 8

8/13/12 (Summer Youth Program)

I had a fun summer because I got to go to the water park and the movies. Fingerpainting was fun too and I made a keychain, a piggy bank, a necklace and lots of stuff. I liked baseball the best. It was fun learning to read too but I liked baseball the best.


Cameran, 5

7/1/12 (Summer Youth Program)

I love golf the best. It is so much fun and we have the best teacher ever.


Gabe, age 8

7/10/12 (Youth Summer Program)

I got to make my own bank and now my mommie gives me money when I am good and clean my room. I have lots of money because I am very good. My bank is very beautiful. I get to make lots of pretty things for my mommie and she hangs them up at our house. I can hit the ball very, very far (baseball) and I am the bestest when I play golf too.


Mariah, age 4

7/10/12 (Summer youth program)

I don't want to go to daycare because I want to stay here and have fun with all the other kids. I like when they do things after I get home. I think they should do everything when I get home. My favorite things are sports and science and when we get to go swimming. I got to go to a movie and we had popcorn and pop. I like going places and doing things.


Joey, age 7 

7/15/12 (Youth Summer Program)

It is fun to make clothes I can wear and I like to be pretty. I decorate very pretty clothes to wear


Melanie age 6


We have a community full of caring folks and children who are very respectful. Most of them call me Grandma, which I just love! I have never seen a place where people did so much for children by making sure they have plenty to do in fun activities which helps keep them out of trouble like some children get into when they are bored.


I am very happy to be a part of a community that is safe and cares so much about others.


We are also very blessed by having Texoma Baptist Church providing a ride for our children to every Sunday. They even serve breakfast for those who arrive early so with the brunch we serve here (at SFR) that makes 6 days a week the children are provided meals. That is a lot of help to families who are having a hard time. Evening church for the children starts on Wed. Aug 22 and the bus comes and gets the children for that too.


CG/Honduras Drive



7/5/12 (Summer Youth Program)

My favorite things are going to the Lake and especially the big swimming pool with all the slides (The Splash/Sherman). I want to go to the pool again because it was so much fun. It was fun making our own icecream but I ate it all and want to make more.


Cam, age 5


     We have lived at Sunrise Family Resort for over 4 years. We moved here to be close to family but had seriously considered moving back to Texas on many occasions. We were very frustrated because no one seemed to take our concerns seriously. When we put in work orders it didn’t take days or even weeks for someone to respond, but often times months if at all. Even when they did respond the work was seldom done right  and more often than not we were reporting the same problem again before long or the hole in the floor got bigger, the water leak got worse, the heater worked for 1 day etc. The place didn’t have a very good reputation either. It was so bad when people asked us where we lived we would just say Kingston.

     Things have changed drastically over the past two years – so much in fact that we proudly tell people that we live at Sunrise Family Resort and now recommend it as a great place to raise a family.

     Two years ago we were fortunate to have a new manager come in. She worked night and day with a determination to succeed like I have never seen before. Changes were definitely underway. What we think really made a difference is our maintenance crew. In our time here we have seen more than our share of maintenance people. Seeing the kind of work the past maintenance people did we were very skeptical about the lease to own program. While we loved the opportunity of purchasing our own home we were concerned about the financial impact of undoing the shoddy work of past maintenance. That is no longer a concern and in fact, we signed paperwork to purchase our home this month.

     It was an easy decision to make based on the work ethics and dedication of the maintenance we now have. When Danita, our main maintenance woman came on board, we found work orders were being addressed within hours and things were being fixed right. One thing that really impressed us is soon after Danita came here to work, we had a water leak late one night. Danita came right away and not only fixed the leak but crawled under the house and checked for any additional cracks or potential problems. She ended up working most of the night with a flashlight and replaced all lines as needed. AND she was back at work the next morning! Now that is commitment and our maintenance shows those kinds of work ethics constantly.  We have never had to call them twice on the same problem, they clean up behind themselves and they don’t just do a ‘quick fix’ they find what caused the problem, go to the source and fix it right – no matter how long it takes. They are always polite, never complain and we feel totally comfortable giving them permission to go into my home even if we’re not there. That too, is a great feeling in knowing they are as trustworthy as they are committed to doing an excellent job. When we witnessed first hand the care and work being put into these homes and the changes to this community, we no longer hesitated in the lease to own opportunity and as stated above, we recently signed paperwork to buy our family home.

     Things just keep getting better here. We now have a wonderful event coordinator who makes sure there is always something fun going on around here. We enjoy the cleanliness and welcoming appearance of our community center, being able to actually get to the exercise equipment to work out and being a part of our community. We no longer stay in our house, leaving only to go to work or shopping; but we are part of this community and sponsor several events as volunteers. Both inwardly and outwardly Sunrise Family Resort has made some drastic exchanges. Homes are undergoing renovations inside and out, and people respond to that by  showing more pride in their home and community too.  It has becomes a clean place that is a safe and fun place to raise a family.

   My family and I are So happy now and grateful that we stayed here and are a part of such a wonderful community that only gets better and better. And that is thanks to our manager and maintenance that saw the potential of a place that was on a downhill slide and turned it into a community that my family and I, like so many others,  are proud to call home.


The Tinkes Family, H1


My family and I moved here from out east. Everything was done through the computer and phone calls because of the distance. I think it was normal that we worried during the entire move, hoping that everything was as pictured and told. We were so pleased to find things not only as good, but even better!


Coming from the city, my boys were seldom allowed to leave the yard or be out of sight. Within a few weeks I realized how safe this community was and my boys finally had the freedom to run the community.


I really enjoy Bingo nights for adults. Everyone jokes and has fun and we have friendly competition for prizes. There are a lot of activities for youth too.


We are so impressed with this community and the people who live here that we are planning to change over to lease to own.


Pam F. 


   We just love living and retiring here. I love to hunt and fish so this is the perfect location for my hobbies.

The children who live here are respectful and for the most part, very quiet - and I live across the street from the playground!

   The manager is very nice and always takes time for those who live here.

   In this community people try to help each other whenever they can. It might be as simple as providing someone a ride to town or picking up something for someone if we go to town -- and people do the same for us when they can. People are real friendly and neighborly. We are one big family here that is always happy to welcome another member.

   We have a neighborhood watch so when we are out of town I know that my house and belongings will be watched over in our absence. If I go on a trip alone I know my wife will be safe and people will be looking out for her in my absence,

    We retired to Oklahoma to live close to our daughters. We chose Sunrise Family Resort because when we came here it just felt like we were home.


Willie Gash


   I have lived at Sunrise Family Resort for about 4 years and have witnessed first-hand the changes that have been made here since we received our new manager, Karen Maple, about 2 years ago. Under her leadership this place has become a real community instead of just a place to rent a house. My family and I love it here so much that we just signed paperwork to be part of the lease-to-own program. Not only will I own my home in eight years but I am in a community where my children love to be and I know they are safe. I have lived in places where I was afraid to let them out of my sight. Living here they can ride their bikes around the community, go for walks, go to the playground and just enjoy being kids.

   It has become a place where people know their neighbors and people help each other, which is a hard thing to find these days. My children also love it because so much is about the children here. We have great event coordinators who make sure that no holiday goes uncelebrated. In addition there are movie nights, community potluck dinners, crafts and activity days;  yard beautification and Christmas light contests make fun and friendly competition with friends and neighbors too… Last year my husband and I became volunteers for adult Bingo night, children Bingo nights and some of the crafts. I never saw myself standing in front of people and doing things like this but this place just seems to bring the best in everyone.

   There are so many amenities that make this place stand out and that my family and I enjoy. Working out on the exercise equipment, playing or working on the internet-access computer in the community center, reserving the community center for my childrens’ birthday parties, knowing my children have a supervised and warm/dry place to wait for the school bus in the morning…

   I couldn’t ask for a better location either. We are close enough to town for shopping and appointments but within minutes from the sandy beaches and swimming of Oakview (Lake Texoma). It is a peaceful place to live where it is not unusual to see deer and wildlife out your window. A country setting close to town.

   Sunrise Family Resort is home and I can’t think of any other place I would rather be.


PJ Obrero


My family moved here several months ago.... This is an amazing place to raise children with all the community events they hold and all the things they do for the youth. It is a safe and fun environment for children and I can't think of a better place to raise a family. My children and I enjoy living here so much, in fact, that I am planning to purchase a home through their great lease to own program after the new year. The maintenance crew is very knowledgeable, quick in response to work orders and the best anyone could ask for, the manager is open and honest and very easy to work with and there are just a great group of people who live here. I would highly recommend Sunrise Family Resort to family and friends. It is a place where people really care about each other....


Bobbi Gentry


I retired here many years ago. What I like about the community is that people respect my privacy and it is very quiet here. It is close to the Lake so I spent most of the seasons on the lake fishing.




"I love the lease-to-own program. The manager enjoys gardening and shares baby plants! Also the maintenace staff since 2011 is the most dedicated and qualified I have ever seen."

A VERY happy tenant
(name withheld by request)

3-23-10 (email sent to owner)

...."I service the tanks at your establishment you have in Kingston, OK. A year ago my view on the park was glim and worrisome. It was heading down hill and in a hurry. But recently since Karen Maple has been in management (Jan. 2010) I have  witnessed an extreme change in the places appearance, maintenance and the overall transformation of a community that was opressed to now working together as one and happy. It is amazing to me what she and her staff has done to turn your place around. I just want to give a big thanks to Karen for all the hard work she has done and commend her on a good job."  Cory

via email sent to owner, Cheryl Xiao


   "My husband and I came for a (holiday) visit and like Sunrise Family Resort so much we are moving here from Arkansas.
   We found this a place one could feel safe in and let children play at the playground without fear. People can go out at night for a walk and know they are safe. Everyone watches out for each other. They even have a neighborhood watch!
   If you are looking for a family-oriented place, this is it. We work with our children whom live here.
   Jesus would be proud of our manager, the owner and their employees."

Charlotte Gash - contracted for home on lot H-7 on 1-1-11


"This place (Sunrise Family Resort) has been the best thing for my family. We were looking for a place to rent close to where my sister lived. From the first time we came to Sunrise Family Resort, I knew it was the perfect place to raise children.

"This is the first time that I have felt like I am home since leaving Arkansas. Everyone is friendly and this place is like a great big family where everyone watches out for each other. Everything just keeps getting better and better.

"My children really love it out here, where they have a nice playground, places to ride their bikes and being in a neighborhood where they have lots of children to play with and they can have the freedom and safety of just being kids - that is a lot of comfort for any parent..."

Danita Mallett


I moved to this area when my job relocated me, and after looking at several places I decided to move here because it was very quiet and safe. It was a little farther from work then where I wanted to be but it has been well worth it. I work long hours and as a trouble shooter of computer systems sometimes late at night. Having a place I can sleep in the day time without a lot of noise is a godsend.


On my days off and when I go on vacation I have good neighbors who watch my kitty. I know my home and belongings are safe however long I am gone. I just contact the neighborhood watch and I know my home is in good hands. Because I worked long hours I didn't get to know a lot of my neighbors or attend many of the functions they hold, but everyone I have met was wonderful.


When I received notification a year later that I was being relocated I was very sad to leave my little home and a place I really felt comfortable in. All I can say is that I really enjoyed living there and if I ever get relocated back to that part of Oklahoma I would go there first to look for a home.


I also want to thank the manager and the maintenance crew for helping me feel comfortable in my first experience of living completely on my own and for everything they did for me while living there. I have never met a better group of people that work so hard.


Diane Upton